Super Rookies is a term that is used to refer to any rookie pirate who managed to earn a bounty of over [1]100,000,000.


A pirate's impressiveness and first-impression strength is usually dictated by the bounty he or she earns. Therefore, the higher the number, the more fame and respect the said pirates receive.[3] Any rookie pirates who manage to receive a bounty of over [2]100,000,000 before they enter the New World are considered to be impressive, as it marks that said rookie has committed criminal acts of catastrophic degrees.[4][5] However, once past the "Paradise" half of the Grand Line, bounties of around [3]100,000,000 are considered common and even weak.[5]

While bounties of [4]300,000,000 are highly impressive, a pirate with one can still be considered a rookie. A pirate may ultimately shed their rookie status after several years of regular pirating activity.